The MEAA study collection consists of around 200 authentic artefacts as well as imitations. A large part of the collection was originally acquired in the 20th century by London oriental art and antique dealer Bluett & Sons and the collection of a Bluett client, Dr Sydney Smith. Other artefacts have been donated to the museum over the years.

The Bluetts often used imitations to show clients how to distinguish genuine antiques from fakes. While collecting stunning Chinese ceramics, Dr Smith also actively looked for fakes because he enjoyed discussing them with students and friends.

Dr Smith’s collection was entrusted to Bluett & Sons when he died in 1988. His study collection, along with the Bluetts’ own collection of study pieces, was donated to MEAA in 1997 by the late Roger Bluett, who became the first chairman of MEAA in 1993.

We welcome the general public, scholars, students and collectors to examine the artefacts in our study collection in order to honour Dr Smith and Roger Bluett’s wishes of using them for educational purposes.

To book an appointment to see the study collection please contact Nicole Chiang, Curator: