1 Jinli Zhao

Shepherd on an Ancient Road, Longwan Canyon, Gansu, China, 2017

Category: Environment

Longwan Canyon has resulted from a diversion of the ancient Yellow River. It has become a popular destination for local herdsmen to graze their livestock.

2  Jianping Li

Shadow Puppets, Shandong, 2020

Category: Work and Play

Traditional Shadow Puppetry is deeply loved by the villagers.

3 Wei Wu

Grandpa’s Old Birdcages, Chengdu, 2021

Category: Home

After the passing of her grandparents, the photographer revisited her family home and gathered together their belongings. Here are her grandfather’s birdcages. Her grandfather would walk the streets every morning bird-watching and always see his granddaughter on her way to school.

4 Arek Rataj

Bus 116, Shijiazhuang, China, 2016

Category: Home

Often travelling on the 116 bus to the farthest corners of the Shijiazhuang area, the photographer observed the passengers.

5 Jianjun Huang

Seeking, Yeqing, Wenzhou, China, 2016

Category Winner: Water

When the tide rises and falls, huge sea oysters can be seen clinging to the underside of the bridge.

6 Huaifeng Li

Double Act, Shandong, 2018

Category: Work and Play

To succeed at becoming professional acrobats, children at this acrobatics school are on a tough training schedule every single day.


Adrian Bradshaw

Swimmer, Bejing, 1985

Category: Water

Cooling off on a hot summer day by diving into the canal.




Huaifeng Li

Dancing Dreams of a Mountain Girl, Shanxi 2020

Category: Work and Play

As the poverty in rural China is alleviated, girls from the countryside gain the opportunity to learn to dance in the city. The girl captured in the photo is performing the dance for her grandmother when she returns home.




Qingjun Huang

Family Stuff – The Golden Anniversary Couple, Heilongjiang, 2017

Category Winner : Home

Qingjun Huang has spent nearly a decade travelling to remote parts of China to persuade people who have sometimes never been photographed, to carry outside all their household possessions and pose for him. Amid China’s tumultuous dash to become rich the photographs in this extensive photo-essay will soon seem like records from a distant era.

10 Jianjun Huang

Steaming Buns, Zhejiang 2020

Category: Work and Play

This is a local pastry shop in Xianju where the supply for steamed bread with a red seal on top is rarely able to supply the demand.

11 Xinhe Jiang

The Shipyard, Liaoning, 2017

Category: Environment

In spring, flocks of snipe fly in from Australia and New Zealand and gather around the docks of Dandong Port in Liaoning Province, following the sounds of the boats.



Tongyu Yang

Seasonal Sea, Qingdao, 2016

Category Winner: Environment

Every summer, a green algae called Enteromorpha appears, often several square kilometres wide. It floats on the sea and rushes to the shore. The local government have contributed funds to fight against it using fishing boats, mechanical cleaning, net interception and other efforts to suppress it. This photograph was created to awaken people’s awareness of the importance of marine protection.

13 Dong Wen

Micro World, Fujian, 2017

Category: Water

An aerial photograph of water farms.

14 Cindy Lin

Family Home, 2020

Category: Home

This photo collage explores the physical location of the photographers’ family home, which was knocked down in the 90s to make way for a luxury condo.

15 Qiyong Yu

Eroded Oasis, Yunnan, China, 2019

Category: Environment

This was taken at a construction site in Dongchuan, Yunnan. On the lush green land there is a strange winding curvy road that’s rolled out by large construction machines. Seen from the above, it looks as if we are looking at a piece of a green leaf, eaten away by some insects, leaving us to ponder on the fragility of natural resources.

  Overall Winner 2020

Du Baoxian

Me, 2020

This montage of self-portraits was created during the lockdown in 2020 as a reflection on the essential elements for survival. During this unsettling period when the artist was unable to see anyone else she used the tools she had to create a work in the time of COVID.

17 Yevhen Samuchenko

Two Ice Creams, Black Sea, 2017

Category: Water

A long exposure of two frozen poles in winter sunset over the Black Sea.