The preservation of objects is an important function of a museum. Collection Care is a top priority for the MEAA. The Museum conducted a condition survey of 237 metal objects in its collections in 2013-2014. The reports showed that 71 objects were in urgent need of conservation, 34 objects required treatment from further deterioration and 132 objects needed cleaning. With help from the general public, Friends of MEAA and grants from the Pilgrim Trust, the Museum conserved 68 objects by 2017. In 2018, the Museum received a major donation from Hong Kong which will allow all the remaining metal objects to be treated by 2023.

To help prevent possible damage and reduce the potential of deterioration of objects, the Museum has long-term plans to improve environmental control in the galleries and storage as well as the safety of the objects on display. The burglary in April 2018, which damaged the galleries on the first floor, has forced the Museum to move some of these plans forward. When re-designing the damaged galleries, latest standards for the control of relative humidity, temperature as well as light and UV levels will be taken into consideration. As state-of-the-art cases may well cost between £10,000 and £20,000 each, external funding will be required.

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